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Marine Study Plan

Marine Study Plan is a leading source of information on Marine educational opportunities for students aspiring to pursue their Marine studies abroad. It is an exclusive and comprehensive directory of Marine courses and programmes available in various Universities / Institutions in different countries worldwide. It is an apt tool for any student interested in taking up overseas Aviation education. All aspects pertaining to the University/Institution, Maritime courses, countries, facilities eligibility criteria etc. are outlined comprehensively.

Founded as a charitable trust with a mission of sponsoring children’s education and supporting them till they are gainfully employed, and with educationists as its members, Vijayaa International Foundation has a strong established network in international trusts, associations and institutions to execute its large arrays of programs to enhance students’ knowledge to the international standard to lead them to a bright and prosperous endeavor.

In pursuit of its stated objective, VIF, in active collaboration with Sunsea Group, focuses on breaking new ground in approaches of overseas and higher education to aspiring students in association with International educationists and institutions.

VIF in association with Sunsea Group has concrete association with institutions in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and so on with the intention of serving students in dual ways, short term programs and long term projects.

Armoured with its strong base and expertise, VIF identifies the right University or college for studies by offering its own education portal www.studyplan.in. The portal guides the students for their chosen careers through education that suits them.